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Frog and Toad Together~DRTA Lesson October 20, 2009


Frog & Toad Together



Read the title.  What do you think this story might be about?

Look at the pictures.  What do you think might happen?


Part 1:  pages 30-31

What did Toad do at the beginning of the story (p.30)?

  • (baked some cookies)

What did Toad say about his cookies (p.30)?

  • (smell very good, and taste even better)

What did Toad want frog to do (p.30)?

  • (taste the cookies)

What did Frog say about the cookies Toad baked (p.31)?

  • (they were the best cookies he had ever ate)

What do you think will happen next?



Part 2:  pages 32-33

What did Frog and Toad doing (p.32)?

  • (they ate many cookies, one after another)

What did Frog tell Toad they should do (p.32)?

  • (stop eating cookies)

What did Toad think they should do (p. 33)?

  • (he agreed with Frog, but wanted them to eat one last cookie)

What happened after they decided to eat just one last cookie (p.33)?

  • (there were too many left in the bowl, so they decided to eat one very last cookie)

What do you think will happen?



Part 3:  pages 34-35

What did Frog say they needed (p.34)?

  • (will power)

What is will power (p.35)?

  • (trying hard not to do something that you really want to do)

Why did Frog and Toad need will power (p.35)?

  • (so they could stop eating cookies)

What do you think will happen next?



Part 4:  pages 36-39

What did Frog do with the cookies (p.36)?

  • (he put the cookies in a box)

What did Frog do to make sure they wouldn’t open the box (p.37)?

  • (he tied some string around the box)

Where did Frog put the box of cookies (p.38)?

  • (on a high shelf)

What did Toad tell Frog they could do to get to the box of cookies (p.39)?

  • (climb a ladder)

Did Frog listen to Toad (p.39)?

  • (yes)

What do you think they did with the box after they opened it (p.39)?



Part 5: pages 40-41

What did Frog shout after he took the box outside (p.40)?

  • (hey birds, here are cookies)

What happened when the birds came (p.40)?

  • (they picked up all the cookies in their beaks and flew away)

What does Frog say they finally have (p.41)?

  • (will power)

What did Toad say (p.41)?

  • (you can keep it all; I’m going home now to bake a cake)

Do you think Frog had will power? (Explain why or why not)

Do you think Toad had will power? (Explain why or why not)

What do you think Toad meant when he said, “you can keep it all” (p.41)?


One Response to “Frog and Toad Together~DRTA Lesson”

  1. re3030 Says:

    Great lesson.

    Woody Trathen

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